Paulilles et son eau bleue turquoise

Notre roadtrip continued with two stunning, perfect days à Paulilles. I’m sure it has the most beautiful beaches I’ve ever seen in my life, it was pretty indescribable how beautiful it really was. C’est la vie! 


The water was so clear and so, so beautifully blue. You could see everything at the bottom, all the different rocks with all their different colours. You could see so many little fishes.




I made the swim to the platform in the water which at the Paulille beaches, wasn’t very close to the shore at all. While swimming, I accidentally took a big gulp of the saltiness of the water (I’m probably not the strongest swimmer ever but I do love it), but still made it. While sitting on the platform with my feet in the cool water, I didn’t need snorkelling goggles to be able to see the blue fishes swimming under me. It honestly felt so heavenly. It’s become more and more difficult for me as I’ve got older to understand just how much beauty there is in everything. I was really living the life. I remember wondering how I could make it last longer, how I could stop time to enjoy that moment even more. But maybe it feels so precious now since it had to end. Thank God for all the beautiful pictures.





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