à Banyuls sur Mer

Raphaël and I went on a road trip very soon after I arrived in Bordeaux. It was the perfect opportunity for us since neither one of us were still working in August and I’m just a tad obsessed with warm weather and beautiful beaches and amazingly blue water.

Banyuls sur Mer is located really, really close to Spain. It’s on the Mediterranean (obviously) and we probably experienced one of the only August days that Banyuls had “bad” weather. Which could still be considered good weather, depending on the standards. But this year the Mediterranean Sea has been a lot colder than it is on average (Raphaël’s dad explained it all to me, but in French, so I don’t want to 100% trust my understanding to explain it to you since I’m sure Google will do a better job).


So that first day of our road trip, the little town was nearly empty and the beaches that are usually very crowded, looked completely abandoned. I couldn’t believe we got to swim in the Mediterranean alone, just the two of us. There was no one else when we went in, just us, a seagull, some little fishes and one lifeguard to watch over us. It was pretty amazing, even though the water or the air weren’t the warmest. I really feel like going swimming that day when no one else was, with the rain in the air and wind in our hair and on our faces, was the best idea I had on the whole road trip.










un peu de français: Il a fait un peu froid ce jour. Il y avait beaucoup de vent et de la pluie, mais la mer était quand même belle. Le roadtrip a commencé bien. 

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