bienvenue à Bordeaux

When I arrived, it was a blur of happiness and love. Seeing someone after 8 and a half weeks, that I’m absolutely in love with, was amazing. And it was great to finally be here, in Bordeaux, after so much planning and figuring stuff out and thinking about it. I waited a long time to arrive.

The first days were amazing. I fell in love all over again with the sunshine and the heat that I haven’t got to enjoy for a while and it really felt like I was on this amazing European city holiday with my boyfriend. I I wondered, how could this ever start to feel mundane?


Le miroir d’eau – The water mirror
Cathédrale Saint-Michel (Cathedral of Saint Michel) at the end of the street
Sadly my pants were too long to take off my shoes and go run around in the water (so I’ll definitely go back soon to do that)
La Garonne river on the left 

At this point, I have no idea what’s gonna happen or where I’ll be in another year, or even 6 months. And I couldn’t be more excited. This is amazing.

un peu de français: Je pense que Bordeaux est une belle ville. Il y a beaucoup de rues mignonnes et une rivière. Je me sens toujours à l’aise autour de l’eau. Les immeubles de Bordeaux sont mignons aussi, ils sont vieux et me rappellent Paris un peu. 

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