avant le vol

Je m’appelle Lyydia et j’adore la France. Don’t worry, I won’t be able to write this blog en français. My language skills aren’t there yet. But the name of this blog probably gives you a little clue about what it’s all about.

I’ve lived all over a little bit (Finland, India, USA) but I’ve wanted to live in France since I was seven. I took French in middle and high school and when I went to Paris the summer after I graduated from high school, I completely loved it. I wasn’t disappointed at all, on the contrary; it was everything and more. The language sounds so beautiful to me and the city was stunning and I knew I wanted to really learn the culture. And really learn the language. And maybe even properly live in France.

Fast forward two years I’m living in Finland and am already two years into getting my Bachelors’ degree in Business Administration. And as a mandatory part of my degree, I’m going on an Erasmus exchange. I got into my first choice, Kedge Business School in Bordeaux, France.  I plan on staying there for at least a year (my first semester will be spent in school and the second would hopefully be spent in an internship). So clearly, even if it wasn’t mandatory, I’d be the first volunteer to be sent abroad to France.

November in Tampere, Finland

Maintenant, I have a French boyfriend, Raphaël. We met in the end of 2016 when he was on his Erasmus in Tampere, Finland (where I’ve studied too). There’s a lot to say about that story but I’ll save it for another time.

A lot of people said to me “Oh you’re so lucky, youre going to the same city your boyfriend is in!” or “It’s so sweet that you’re moving for your boyfriend”. It’s much more than that for me… Meeting Raphaël didn’t make the choice for me, of course he is a part of it, but it just confirmed how right the choice was. I get to learn the culture, from a very intimate and local perspective, and I have a French tutor and guide. I’m really happy with him, with Bordeaux, with everything.

I have one day and two nights before I take off to France. I’m already all packed up, heading to Helsinki tomorrow (where my flight leaves from early Monday morning) and my emotions are all over the place. There’s so much joy to be able to see my boyfriend again and to be able to actually do something I’ve always wanted to do. It’s so exciting and wonderful and amazing. I’m also scared for how difficult it will be to learn to speak French (fluently) and to learn and adjust to the culture but I know everything will work out one way or another. I want this.

July in Tampere, Finland


un peu de Français: Mon copain m’a dit que je devrais pratiquer mon français avec ce blog en écrivant un peu en français. À mon avis, le problème est que je ne crois pas que mon français est assez bon pour écrire ce blog. C’est très difficile et très lent. Mais je veux essayer plus de langue et je veux commencer à parler français. Alors, voici!


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